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These first ones are for you to get an idea of some different ways that we can edit your pics!

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Guestbook for Marsha, Whitney and Tyler Garrett!
Dan Robinson(non-registered)
It's me again! Just a little explanation of this particular album - these are obviously all the same photograph! "Edited" in different ways - sure can look different! Then, we could "crop" differently again and you might not even realize that it is the same photograph - because in a way it is not! That is what "we" do when we "frame" a shot as we "take" it - we are "cropping" our world - we are choosing what exactly we are going to "look at " at that moment. Ooops, got on my soapbox again! Well, maybe there are a few aspiring, developing, learning photographers out there that will find such a "tidbit" interesting now and then - feel free to comment and ask questions! This may not be a "Blog", but who's to stop us??? Have a great "out of the box" day! Dan Robinson
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