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We put these up mostly just for fun. We do like to attend wedding rehearsals so that we are familiar with the location and can have a little opportunity to think about how we will want to "Shoot" the actual wedding. We also get to know folks a little - and they get to know us a little so that folks are a little more comfortable having their photos taken at the wedding and reception.

These are NOT edited. If there are any that you are particularly interested in, let us know and we will edit for you!

The first upload of the Wedding photos is going now - look for them and please "Comment" here on individual photos and you can make your own "Favorites" Galleries.... it is a great site once you learn your way around! Be sure to try the "Slideshow". Maybe put on your own music to listen to while you watch! If anyone has any suggestions as to music that Tiffany and Hunter would like, please let us know!


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