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A few of these are edited. It is obvious in the case when you can see that there are versions that are "tighter" croppings and you can see two or three different versions of the same shot. Some may be edited and you may not be able to tell. Our editing style is to do our best to make the images "look better" without it being at all obvious that they are "Photoshopped". We can do more editing on request, but sometimes there may be a fee for significant editing.... it takes time.... there has come to be a popular "understanding" that you just use a "Filter"... this is not the case with professional editing. If there are going to be large prints made and not just viewing on phones and computer screens the kind of editing that can be done on phones is not the same at all as what is done "Professionally". Please forgive my detailed explanations... just want to establish clear understandings and not have to "clarify" such things later.
Feel free to "Comment" on individual photos here and to make a "List" separate that you can get to us via Facebook message or email or text or by phone conversation.
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