Dan Robinson Photography | Marcus, Whitney, Jason and Scarlet at Kingdom Come !

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Most of these are edited.... some are not....
some we have really "Softened up"... they look pretty good to us that way, but we can go back to "Sharp" too!

IMPORTANT ! Your monitor/screen.... whatever you are viewing on may be different than ours... different color balance, different brightness, different contrast... and that can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE ! These photos may not look good.... they may even look awful !!! If you get that impression, please contact us! We can schedule a "Viewing/Ordering Session" so that you can see them as we intend for them to be ! The real "Proof" is when they are printed! That is why we like to have them printed for you! The papers that the Labs we use are "Pro" papers and if the printing isn't to our standards we have it redone !

Sorry.... just takes so much time to edit all of them !

We can do Black and White and Sepia editing - just "Comment" on any photo that you would like to see done either way !

Enjoy !

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