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Enjoy! Some great shots here! Some editing has been done - more can be done - let us know which ones you like! You can make your own "Favorites" Galleries! Be sure to try the "Slideshow" ! Invite family and friends if you want.

The collages posted on Facebook have not been posted here, but can be ordered! These can also be included in an album if you should choose to have an album made. If you are considering twenty or more prints, an album is probably a great option! We will send you a "Link" to preview the album that we create for you before placing the order with the lab so that you can request changes / approve of the layout and photo selections. Contact us for prices! We also can put together Christmas Cards and pocketbooks and purses that are very attractive and durable. Blessings!

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Guestbook for Raegan, Whitney, Brantley, Kayla and Bryant!
Dan Robinson Photography
Welcome back! If you haven't visited this gallery before, welcome! We haven't heard from you folks since we got these up! Love to hear your thoughts and impressions! You can leave them here and share with others that visit or get a personal message to us by msg on facebook or email - or, of course, you can call us! We hope that you have in mind a few favorites! We know how hard it can be to choose though and that is one reason that our albums are so popular! Our standard 8x8 inch hardbound lay-flat album with 26 pages will often include over 70 photos and costs only $71 ( there may be a shipping charge ) ! These albums can be as large as 12x12 inches or as small as 6x6 - prices vary accordingly. If you let us know that you are interested, we will create one and send a "Link" to you in an email so that you can "Preview" the album and request any changes - there are all kinds of styles possible and you can request that certain photos be replaced with other specific photos ....... ie you can get it just the way you want it! We also offer "Mini-Accordion" albums that are 3x3 inches with hardcovers and a continuous fold-out design that allows for up to 6 photos on one side and four on the other depending on the layout design. These are very attractive and convenient to carry in your pocketbook or briefcase. They are sold in sets of (2) for $30 or (3) for $40. Collages are very popular and can be created for you. If you have as few as two favorites or as many as four or even six photos we can create a collage for you. There is a "Creation Fee" for these and an appropriate minimum size for prints will be suggested when we create one for you. Again, please let us know if you are interested in something like this! We love to see and hear your comments - and it is fun to share them with others visiting the gallery too! Looking forward to hearing from you! Dan & Joy Robinson
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