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This is just the first batch from their Wedding Day ! Check in a few days for more! And, some are edited and some aren't.... If you have any special requests for a Sepia or Black and White edit on a particular photo just "Comment" on it or send a list with your requests to us on Facebook!

We have added another small batch of photos to the Gallery. ( Sunday morning May 26th ) Still more to come !

OK, another 27 images have been added as of Wednesday morning. They are here and there in the Gallery - not just added to the end so it may be a bit confusing, but they are all in chronological order - hope that makes sense! Still more to come!

OK, as of Tuesday morning, June the 4th - there are about 115 more here from the Reception.... there will be a few more from earlier in the day that I haven't got edited and uploaded, but this is most of them!

OK, another 89 images uploaded! This is pretty well all that will be uploaded, but different "Croppings" and editing to Sepia or Black & White can be done.... please "Comment" on individual photos to let us know your "Favorites" and if you would like to see a particular photo edited a certain way!


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Guestbook for Tabitha and Dakota's Wedding Day !!!
Michelle Toner
Hi Dan I really enjoyed the album. I love that you captured all the fine details of the wedding. Many photogs overlook those fine details assuming the bride wouldn't want them. However, as you know, the bride wants them all. Every little detail. I love the natural light used and the light used indoors. Some photogs try to mask bad lighting with black and white tweaks. You captured many great shots at different angles as well. Well done Dan! Thanks for sharing!
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