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Guestbook for Tiffany's requested B&W edits with their color versions
Dan Robinson(non-registered)
I am making a "Guestbook Entry" here myself! I truly hope that anyone who visits this Gallery will enjoy viewing the images here. If you haven't already tried the "Slideshow" function here - please do! The images will be "Full-screen" and you can adjust the speed of the show and customize it in other ways as well - if you like it, feel free to show your family and friends and enjoy the show together!
Most of our Galleries here are for "Proofing" purposes and so we do not set up "Purchasing" to be available through those Galleries. This Gallery is of photos selected as "Favorites" by our client(s) and we have edited them - ready for printing. We also offer very popular Photobooks with hard covers front and back and constructed entirely of real Professional quality photo paper. Please contact us if you might be interested in one of these. We will create the book and make it available for you to "Preview" via a link that we will send to you. You can then ask for any changes that you would like before we place the order with the lab. You are assured of a "Keepsake Photobook" that you will treasure for years to come.

Dan & Joy Robinson

PS Please feel free to contact us with any questions!
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